Foster Kids Ask Lawmakers For Help

By: Julie Montanaro,

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More than 97% of children in foster care in Florida don’t have a driver’s license when they turn 18.

Most do not have access to cars and don’t have anyone with whom to practice driving.

They say it further alienates them from their peers … and makes it tough for them to get a job.

They are asking lawmakers to fund a pilot project that would give foster teens priority in taking driver’s ed courses and potentially reimburse foster parents for insurance.

“Foster care is not a choice…and I’m pretty sure only 3 percent of these kids are not choosing to not have a license…” said Daniel Pettus, former foster child.

Youth SHINE – which is made up of teens in foster care – and others who have aged out – is lobbying lawmakers this week … pushing what they call the “Keys to Independence” bill in both the house and senate.

One version of the bill passed a senate committee today. We’ll let you know what happens.

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