Florida's Children First

State Survey of Post-Adoption Contact Agreements

This paper surveys how other states handle the issue of continued communication between an adoptee and siblings and other relatives.

Child’s Right to Post-Adoption Communication: Myths That Impede Healthy Relationships -Truths That Hurt

This paper dispels the myths that underlie the harmful practice of cutting off communication between adopted children and their siblings and other relatives.

Adoption Tax Credit Information

Learn more about the recent changes to the IRS d the forms and requirements for obtaining adoption tax credits.

Finding a family isn’t always about tracing a blood line

Finding a family isn’t always about tracing a blood line By Leonora LaPeter Anton, Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer Posted: Dec 26, 2011 04:46 PM Long before they worried about losing him, he was a small bundle swaddled in a zebra blanket, delivered to them by a case worker in the parking lot of a […]

The National Crittenton Foundation

The National Crittenton Foundation supports girls, young women, and their families living at the margin of the American dream overcome major obstacles rooted in circumstances not of their own making

Adult Adoption: Brochure & Forms

Many young people are discouraged about adoption because they think they’ve missed the change to connect with forever family. But it’s never too late! This brochure explains the Florida law on adult adoptions. The separate appendix provides the documents and forms for adult adoptions.


Florida's Children First

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