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Susan L. Stockham, Esq. – Sarasota, FL

Ms. Stockham has been practicing law in Florida since 1982. Her practice is limited to adoption and surrogacy. In her 30 years of practice she has assisted over 2,000 couples in domestic, independent and agency adoptions, and international adoptions. Ms. Stockham is a Florida Bar Board Certified Adoption Law Attorney and a member of the prestigious American Academies of Adoption Attorneys and Assisted Reproductive Law Attorneys.

She also represents parties in relative, stepparent and grandparent adoptions. In addition to adoptions, Ms. Stockham has represented gestational carriers, surrogates and intended parents in building families.

She is a recipient the of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s 2004 Angel in Adoption Award; Lifetime Achievement Award from The Florida Adoption Council, and a Fellow, past Board member, Vice President of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (///A), past board member, Fellow of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (//ARTA) and has served on many state and national committees on adoption and assisted reproductive technology issues. Ms. Stockham serves on the Florida Bar Adoption Law Board Certification Committee.

In addition to numerous public speaking engagements at state and national Bar associations, ///A and other groups, Ms. Stockham has published numerous articles in the area of adoptions and assisted reproductive technology. She has also assisted in drafting Florida’s adoption and surrogacy legislation and filed amicus briefs to change the Florida Scarlet Letter Law and provide notice to named known locatable putative fathers in an adoption action. She has represented adoptive families and birthparents in contested adoption cases, including intercountry adoption adduction cases. Ms. Stockham is an advocate for the protection of the rights of adoptive children and families worldwide.

Her interests in adoption go beyond her professional work, as she is the adoptive mother of two handsome and happy grown sons and known as a Mom to many others who have become a part of her family, including a beautiful granddaughter!


Florida's Children First

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