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Donor Privacy Policy: Florida’s Children First honors and respects its donors, for without them FCF would not be able to do its work. One method of demonstrating that respect is to establish a policy to protect the privacy rights of individuals and companies who donate funds to us. FCF may receive and collect donor information in the course of our work. It is FCF’s policy to take all reasonable and necessary steps to protect its donors’ confidential information internally. Further, FCF shall not sell or trade or share donors’ personal or contact information with anyone else. FCF shall not send mailings on behalf of other organizations. The Board of Directors has decided to prominently display our privacy policy on the FCF website and to use the policy as may be appropriate in our marketing and solicitation materials. Every employee will be instructed on this policy and steps will be taken to ensure the employees read the personnel policies that make the misuse or theft of corporate property, including donor information, grounds for dismissal.

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