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New Online Resource by Florida’s Children First – F4CF!!

Florida’s Legal Online Resource, Information Driven Access – F4CF is a resource for all attorneys and judges who work in the child welfare and juvenile delinquency arenas.

Any lawyer or judge who registers can use this online network, for free. F4CF will create an instant community of lawyers who are focused on child welfare, juvenile delinquency and related issues. Members will be able to talk to one another, post questions, seek help and resources, and provide support to one another.

F4CF is affiliated with the nationally recognized best practice “Texas Lawyers for Children,” brought to you by Florida’s Children First in partnership with Florida Loves Children.

For more information contact the office at (954) 796-0860 or follow the link below and register.

REGISTER TODAY AT www.f4cf.org

All registrants must be approved by staff. This website is only available to lawyers and judges




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