Florida's Children First

Letting Kids Be Kids: A Legislative Victory in Florida

by: Christina Spudeas, Robin Rosenberg, and Andrea Cowart
North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)
Adoptalk Summer 2013 Edition

“We just want to do the same things as our friends! We just want to be normal!” is the battle cry of youth in foster care–back by their caregivers–across the country. These youth want the chance to play sports, spend the night with friends, go on a class trip, or take a family vacation without the need for state approval or a court order. This year, Florida took a major step toward fixing this issue that plagues so many children in care. In April, the legislature unanimously enacted HB 215, a law intended to “let kids be kids,” as Governor Scott put it at the bill signing. A key factor in achieving this remarkable legislative victory was the role of current and former foster youth who were integral in generation support for the law.

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Florida's Children First

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