Florida's Children First

Justin Taylor – Jacksonville, FL

Justin is a former foster youth from Jacksonville who was placed in care at age 12 and aged out with a lot of questions and no answers or support.

A short while later Justin found Florida Youth SHINE and became one of the original members of the Jacksonville chapter.  Through his involvement with FYS and Florida’s Children First, Justin found his passion for politics and a deep routed desire to change the system that raised him. He strongly advocated for such issues as Rights to Records, Allowing Youth in Court, and the Independent Living Program.

Justin is an advocate, husband and the proud father of an adorable two year old son – Brayden. He is currently a small business owner in Fernandina providing printing and direct mail services and is also a paid political consultant working on various Republican campaigns in Northeast Florida. Directly in line with his love of politics, in 2010 Justin ran for a Port Authority position in Fernandina.  Unfortunately, he was not elected, but still remains active in his community.



Florida's Children First

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