Florida's Children First

The JFFY LAST (Lawyers Assisting Successful Transition) seeks to match attorneys with youth who have unmet legal needs.

Who is Eligible?

Any person who was ever removed from their parent.

Type of Out-Of-Home Placement?

Does not matter, can be foster, relative, group home, etc.

Age Entered Into State Care?

Does not matter.

Status at Age 18?

Does not matter.

State they were in care?

Does not matter.

What is the Cost?

There is never a charge to the client. The lawyer may collect a fee from someone else who is legally responsible to pay one or if they are able to obtain a large sum of money for the client.

What Type of Issues are Covered?

• Contracts
• Employment
• Education
• Family Law
• Government Benefits
• Independent Living Benefits
• Immigration
• Landlord/Tenant
• Name Change
• Personal Injury
• Sealing/Expunging Arrest Records
• Traffic Tickets
• Wills, Probate, Guardianship

What is Not Covered:

    Criminal defense

How does a Youth Sign Up?

Contacts us at fcf@floridaschildrenfirst.org or
by phone at 954-464-6916.

What if a Lawyer is Needed Urgently?

We cannot promise that a lawyer can be located for an urgent situation. Call your local legal aid program and be sure to tell the intake person about the urgency of the situation. You may also call Robin Rosenberg at Florida’s Children First, 954-464-6916 for help locating a pro bono lawyer – but we do not have a roster of lawyers, so it can take some time.

How does a Lawyer Sign Up?

Click on this here to register as a pro bono counsel for a youth or phone 954-464-6916

Can Youth (under 18) Get a Lawyer:

We may be able to find attorneys to help youth who are currently in state care. Call Robin Rosenberg at Florida’s Children First, 954-464-6916.

FCF is not a direct service provider, and we cannot promise that we can find a lawyer for you. For more options, go to FloridaLawHelp.org for a directory of legal aid programs.


Florida's Children First

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