Florida's Children First

Heartfelt thanks turns tough legislator Detert misty eyed

No Nonsense Nancy got misty eyed. State Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice, has long built a reputation as a tough legislator worthy of the intimidating firefighter’s axe she keeps on her office wall with the inscription “No Nonsense Nancy.”

But she was no match for Marcus Jacques. He and four other one-time foster children, all under 25 years of age, recently surprised Detert at a hearing in Tallahassee. One-by-one they took a microphone to thank her personally for legislation created years ago to help them transition out of foster care and to encourage her to keep fighting for other kids in the system. Many said Detert’s work kept them out of trouble with the law and made sure they were not among those forced to deal with homelessness.

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Florida's Children First

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