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FCF’s Key Employee Compensation Policy

This Policy establishes a fair and documented basis for determining the compensation of key employees of Florida’s Children First.  It applies to the compensation of all persons employed by the Organization who meet the key employee test (see below) established by law:

The process includes all of these elements: (1) review and approval by the board of directors or compensation committee of the Organization; (2) use of data as to comparable compensation; and (3) contemporaneous documentation and recordkeeping.

  1. Review and approval. The compensation of the person is reviewed and approved by the board of directors or the compensation committee of the organization if one is appointed, provided that persons with conflicts of interest with respect to the compensation arrangement at issue are not involved in this review and approval.
  2. Use of data as to comparable compensation. The compensation of the person is reviewed and approved using data as to comparable compensation for similarly qualified persons in functionally comparable positions at similarly situated organizations.
  3. Contemporaneous documentation and recordkeeping. There must be contemporaneous documentation and recordkeeping with respect to the deliberations and decisions regarding the compensation arrangement.
  4. Chief employed executive – For FCF, the executive director is the top management official (i.e., a person who has ultimate responsibility for implementing the decisions of the Organization’s governing body or for supervising the management, administration, or operations of the Organization).


Key Employee – An employee of the Organization who meets all three of the following tests: (a) $150,000 Test: receives reportable compensation from the Organization and all related organizations in excess of $150,000 for the year; (b) Responsibility Test: the employee: (i) has responsibility, powers, or influence over the Organization as a whole that is similar to those of officers, directors, or trustees; (ii) manages a discrete segment or activity of the Organization that represents 10% or more of the activities, assets, income, or expenses of the Organization, as compared to the Organization as a whole; or (iii) has or shares authority to control or determine 10% or more of the Organization’s capital expenditures, operating budget, or compensation for employees; and (c) Top 20 Test: is one of the 20 employees (that satisfy the $150,000 Test and Responsibility Test) with the highest reportable compensation from the Organization and related organizations for the year.



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