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Community Highlight – Erin Leahy & Family

Florida’s Children First received a phone call a few weeks ago from a mother just listening to her 8 year old daughter’s instructions: call an organization that helps foster kids and ask how we can help. Erin Leahy, now 9 years old, recently went on a family vacation to Marco Island and came back with a realization – kids in foster care don’t travel, don’t have toys and most importantly they don’t even have a family. She immediately started researching organizations that help children in the state system of care and came across Florida’s Children First. In a couple of weeks she would be turning 9 years old and instead of presents from her guests, she asked for donations to our nonprofit.

In just a few weeks, Erin and her family raised over $800.

They were kind enough to stop in our office and surprise us with the incredible support from the community. We were speechless. If someone so young can think big, we hope the rest of the community can too and appreciate an amazing deed when they see one. Please click on the flyers below to read Erin’s story in her own words.



Florida's Children First

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