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Stolen Future-Foster Youth Identity Theft

Stolen Future -The foster care system in the United States serves approximately 700,000 youths. Every year over 26,000 of those children age out of foster care. As those youths transition into adulthood, good credit is essential. If a foster youth’s credit has been damaged by identity theft, then that young person may not be able to get a job, apply for student loans, obtain […]

Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children

National Council on Disability September 27, 2012 Read the Full Report Here  

Alphabet Soup – Top Terms You Need to Know

Alphabet Soup – Top Terms You Need to Know

Fact Sheet: Youth In Court

On June 1st the Rules of Juvenile Procedure will require judges to inquire why children are not present for dependency court hearings. This brochure explains the rule change and answers many questions about children’s appearance in court. Please print and distribute to children in care, their caregivers and advocates.

Legal Representation of Dependent Children: A 2012 Report on Florida’s Patchwork System

This report examines how Florida’s system of child representation evolved, which children are supposed to get representation today, and which communities provide counsel to children. It also provides a list of the programs that provide counsel for children in each judicial circuit and shows what percentage of children in each community potentially have access to […]

State Survey of Post-Adoption Contact Agreements

This paper surveys how other states handle the issue of continued communication between an adoptee and siblings and other relatives.

Rights and Resources Guide:

This booklet informs pregnant and parenting youth in foster care of their Rights and Resources. Published by the National Crittenton Foundation

Kinship Care Legal Handbook: A Guide for Relative Caregivers

This handbook provides a wealth of information for relatives who are caring for children. Topics include custody, benefits, education.

Know Your Rights: MONEY

Our most recent publication! This booklet covers key issues for youth in out-of-home care: obtaining money, master trust accounts, and special concerns for youth with disabilities.

How to Get Your Child Welfare Records

Children and young adults are entitled to a complete and accurate copy of their child welfare records under Florida Statute 39.00145. This publication explains the law and provides a form to help youth make a formal request for records.

Adult Adoption: Brochure & Forms

Many young people are discouraged about adoption because they think they’ve missed the change to connect with forever family. But it’s never too late! This brochure explains the Florida law on adult adoptions. The separate appendix provides the documents and forms for adult adoptions.


Florida's Children First

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