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Frequently Asked Questions–Implementation of SB 1036 Extension of Foster Care

These FAQS are in draft form. The Department welcomes your comments and suggestions. Please note that the policies set forth in the FAQ have been developed with the legislatively mandated focus on “Common Sense and Compassion.” Chapter 65C-41, F.A.C. will establish by rule further guidance on each of the issues addressed herein. Click here to […]

Florida Foster Care Revamped

Florida Foster Care – RevampedThe 2013 Legislative Session brought the biggest changes to foster care we”ve seen in years: “The Quality Parent Act,” HB 215., was signed into law on April 11, 2013. “The Nancy C. Detert Common Sense and Compassion Independent Lving Act,” SB1036., was signed into law on June 24, 2013. This document is […]

Quick and Dirty FAQS

  Frequently asked questions regarding the recent changes in the Independent Living Law signed into law for 2013. Click the thumbnail to download the “Quick and Dirty” FAQs!

Grandfathered Independent Living Programs

This is DCF Leadership””s initial determination about how each of the existing IL programs, including Subsidized Independent Living, will be grand-fathered in.  June 12, 2013. Click the thumbnail to download the document

Quick & Dirty FAQs

“Quick & Dirty” Frequently Asked Questions about Changes to the Independent Living Law Answers are subject to change as the rules implementing the statute are created. 1. Will the Independent Living laws definitely be changed? Yes- the bill was signed into law on June 24th. 2. My caseworker told me that I have to stay in foster […]


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