Florida's Children First

Carlos Martinez, Esq.

Chief Assistant Public Defender
Miami-Dade, Florida

Carlos J. Martinez is the Chief Assistant Public Defender for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida (Miami-Dade County). Mr. Martinez has more than 15 years management experience in the private and public sector. He has also been a trial attorney in Miami-Dade, Florida and Bellingham, Washington, and was an administrator for Exxon Company USA. Currently, he is an administrator in a 200-attorney law firm, where he leads the continuous improvement program, integrates attorney and staff operations across multiple sites, and serves as the Public Defender’s liaison to the legislative, judicial and executive branches. He currently serves on the Supreme Court’s Families and Children in Court Committee and the board of Florida’s Children First Board of Directors. He chaired the Representation Subcommittee of The Florida Bar’s Commission on the Legal Needs of Children, chaired the Eleventh Circuit’s Juvenile Justice Board, was a member of Harvard’s Executive Sessions on Public Defense, and served on the Florida Supreme Court’s Treatment?based Drug Court Steering Committee. He also served on the committee of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals that wrote the Key Components for Drug Courts.


Florida's Children First

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