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Florida’s Children First’s Ambassadors serve as a local “family” of supporters for the children and youth in foster and state care in your community. Your local chapter will be joined by ambassador chapters from around the state who are also dedicated to improve the lives of all Florida children in foster and state care. By partnering with us as a local Ambassador, you can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children in your community and around the state.

As an Ambassador, you will experience:
  • Community: Experience opportunities for socializing and networking with other Ambassadors at local events –  meet others who also care about children in your community,
  • Connection: Hear from Youth SHINE members who share their life experiences and ideas to improve the child welfare system,
  • Educational Opportunities: Deepen your understanding of the issues through conference calls and our online resources that explain the real-life challenges that are facing foster children and youth around the state – and have a voice in helping us to address those challenges.
  • Involvement: Influence our legislative agenda by talking with your local and state government representatives about the issues facing foster children and youth, and
  • Access: Meet and talk with our organization’s leadership to keep abreast of the latest developments, successes and challenges of foster children and youth.
As Ambassadors, we:
  • Serve as an advocate in your community by talking with others (friends/colleagues or groups) about issues facing children in foster and state care and the role of Florida’s Children First in addressing those challenges,
  • Work alongside your local Florida’s Children First board members to introduce people to our work,
  • Attend your local friend raising and fundraising events and invite guests to join you, and
  • Make a financial gift of $1,000 or more each year to support the work of Florida’s Children First.

We started our first Florida’s Children First “Ambassadors Council” chapter in Sarasota! We welcome you to start a chapter in your city too. If you would like to become an Ambassador or start a chapter, contact us by email or call 954.796.0860. See our informational flyer about the Ambassadors Council.

Sarasota Ambassadors

  • Myrna Blume
  • Wendy & Jim Cox
  • Richard & Susan Filson
  • Amy Lanman
  • Alix & Mark Morin
  • Gigi Silverberg
  • Susan Stockham
  • Vicki Wilson



Florida's Children First

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