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Click the Banner to connect to Innocents Lost, the ongoing series by the Miami Herald investigatigating child deaths in the state of Florida.

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Click to watch ReMoved, an award winning short film that brings awareness, encourages, and is useful in foster parent training, and raising up foster parents. The film follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.

“It would be impossible to fully understand the life and emotions of a child going through the foster care system, but this short narrative film portrays that saga in a poetic light, with brushes of fear, anger, sadness, and a tiny bit of hope.” -Santa Barbara Independent


Learn about Tuition & Fee Exemption for Florida’s Foster Youth

An examination of the efficacy of existing efforts, barriers to usage, and recommendations for reform. Read more in The White Paper.


Learn about Foster Youth Identity Theft

If a foster youth’s credit has been damaged by identity theft, then that young person may not be able to get a job, apply for student loans, obtain a car loan, or even get a cellphone. Indeed, as youths age out of foster care, poor credit can be a major obstacle to their independence and financial stability. Read more…

Former Foster Youth Medicaid Q&A

An Informative Q&A on the application process for Former Foster Youth Medicaid coverage. 

Florida’s Children First

Florida’s Children First strives to make children a priority in the consciousness of Floridians. Much of our current work relates to children in the child welfare system. FCF works to raise public awareness of children’s issues, and build partnerships and coalitions to create a constituency for the children of Florida.

Florida’s Children First (FCF) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to advancing the rights of at-risk children, especially those in foster care. Uniquely positioned as Florida’s premiere independent advocacy organization, our mission is to obtain meaningful and sustainable improvement in Florida’s child serving systems.
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What people are saying about FCF

All parts of Florida’s child welfare system have to talk to one another. Florida’s Children First makes sure that happens…Their contributions are invaluable.

Bob Butterworth DCF Secretary, 2007 – 2009



Florida's Children First

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